Bobby Borns


Bobby Burns started spinning tracks in 1996, produced his first record in 2002 and by the summer of 2007 everybody in Holland knew his name. His track ‘From Holland’ became one of Holland’s biggest summer anthems of the year. Now we can conclude this hit was the beginning of something big.

The success of Bobby Burns’s track ‘From Holland’, made DJ Afrojack notice his talent. Bobby Burns and Afrojack decided to get together for some time in the studio, which resulted in the release of ‘Ghettoblaster’ on Spinnin’ Records. ‘Ghettoblaster’ became the start of a long-term collaboration between Bobby Burns and Afrojack.more..




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The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)20 6222211
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If you have a demo and you want Bobby Burns to listen to it for what ever reason, please don’t hesitate to send it to him in mp3 with a minimum resolution of 160 kbps. Due to his busy schedule it might take a while before you get an answer, but be assured that your demo will be listened to.